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An innovative way to sanitise ambulances and other larger spaces with Eco-Mist Biotechnics

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Making ambulances hygienically clean

One company that’s using the same technology as Toucan Eco, but in a different and innovative way is Eco-Mist Biotechnics, based in Scotland.

Here, Eco-Mist makes its own powerful, eco-friendly and safe sanitiser using the same science as Toucan Eco, but for a very different market – and one that includes making sure ambulances, along with other critical areas, are kept hygienically clean.

By combining a similar electrochemically activated (ECA) solution, marketed under the TriBioSan brand, and delivering the solution into rooms using their own proprietary high-tech ‘dry’ misting technology, Eco-Mist is helping more and more ambulances to stay on the road and in use with the clever devices shown below.


Toucan Eco combined with ‘dry’ misting equipment

The equipment, which can also be retro fitted in practically any area that needs sanitising, produces a fine mist of non-toxic solution, which is effective up to log 6 levels, killing 99.9999% pathogens in less than 30 seconds. That includes bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, spores, mould, yeast and even prions, which have been linked to dementia.

Their environmentally-friendly biocide, combined with ‘dry’ misting technology, has been developed for almost any application, including clinical environments like ambulances to more general use in public spaces.

It’s proving to be a powerful, safe and low-cost method of infection control and Graham Mylchreest, director at Eco-mist Biotechnics, explains more: “We can provide whole room and vehicle disinfection services, which effectively decontaminates the air and surfaces in any room, including those areas that normal cleaning cannot reach.

“And, because the sanitiser is non-toxic, rooms, spaces and even ambulances can be used immediately after treatment, saving time, disruption and money. There’s no need to take the ambulance out of service while being sanitised.”

Triple action performance

Just the same as Toucan Eco, the solution has a triple action by firstly sanitising almost instantly, secondly by deodorising and, thirdly, it has a very slow regrowth rate as such a high percentage of the microorganisms are killed in the first place.

That’s where the name TriBioSan comes from – it’s three, powerful properties. And similar to Toucan Eco, it doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals or leaves a residue like some cleaning chemicals.

Graham continues: “We fit our misting system into the ambulance, either as a portable solution or we can do it permanently, press a button, it mists out the whole of the back of the ambulance and within under five minutes it’s totally decontaminated.

“As we have different sizes of equipment, we can scale that up for bigger buildings, which can deliver the misting solution into the room. This could be a care home for example or call centre with 100 desks in it. And we have clients internationally who we train up to use the system and bottled product.”

Keeping ambulances out on the road

The main difference between TrioBioSan and Toucan Eco is its mist application technology designed to sanitise surface areas including ambulance interiors, patient areas and medical equipment. Also, instead of the solution being made onsite as is the case with Toucan Eco, TriBioSan is purchased directly from Eco-Mist, and to make this possible it’s provided at double the strength and stabilised for longer shelf life.

It’s great to see how the same technology is being adopted by a growing number of innovative businesses to tackle the world’s hygiene problems. And, at a time when sanitising surfaces is of critical importance, it all helps in the fight against the coronavirus. This time by helping ambulances stay where they should be – out on the road helping patients.


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