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Toucan Eco eSpray as seen on ITV’s This Morning in the UK

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Our friend Lynsey Queen Of Clean was chatting cleaning gadgets on ITV’s This Morning with Eamonn and Ruth, and told them all about the eSpray.

📺 To watch, click here

ITVs This Monring

Not only did Lynsey do such a fab job of talking about how the eSpray cleans and disinfects using just water, table salt and the clever science of electrolysis, but apparently Ruth loved it too ❤️

Lynsey Queen of Clean & Toucan Eco eSpray

“This is a complete gamechanger,” explained Lyndsey. “[It] makes a natural disinfectant and you can clean absolutely anything in your house.

“It’s like a new way of cleaning. It replaces the need for all other products – it takes away all of these bottles we just don’t need and it does work.”

More information about Toucan Eco eSpray here and about Lynsey Queen of Clean please click here.

ITV's This Morning


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