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Meet the businesses leading the sustainable cleaning revolution webinar

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Watch our latest webinar and learn all about the businesses leading the sustainable cleaning revolution 🌱

We know first-hand how cleaning has changed over the last 18 months – one result being the increase in single use plastic, disposable products and chemical waste.

But there is a more sustainable way to clean on a commercial scale.

Watch on demand

Watch the recording of the recent webinar about the businesses leading the sustainable cleaning revolution.

About the webinar

Learn how Hive Cleaning is on a mission to clean sustainably and aims to be one of the first carbon net zero cleaning companies in the industry.

Our latest webinar is hosted by Steve Courtney from Robert Scott, who’s joined by Louis Beaumont, managing director at Hive Cleaning, and Marc Kemp from cleaning distributor, Futures Supplies.

Together, they discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by our sector and look at how innovation and sustainable technology is reducing the carbon footprint of cleaning, as more companies examine the sustainability of their supply chains. This includes the adoption of Toucan Eco as an eco-friendly way to clean.

Hive Cleaning & Fora Spaces tour

You can also watch the short video filmed onsite at Fora Space and featured in the webinar, showing how important sustainability is to both Fora and their commercial cleaning provider, Hive Cleaning.


Transforming cleaning technology webinar

And if you would like to watch the previous webinar about Toucan Eco called ‘Learn how water, salt and electricity are transforming cleaning technology’ then click here.

The technology behind the Toucan Eco range, while not new, has been combined with manufacturing innovation to develop a range of products — using nothing but water, salt and electricity — that have the ability to transform cleaning technology. What’s more, it’s recently received EN certifications 14476 and 16777 proving its virucidal efficacy against coronaviruses.

This webinar is all about about how hypochlorous acid is transforming the way we clean and disinfect. Featuring Dr Darren Reynolds, CEO Robin Turner and product specialist Steve Courtney, the conversation covers the science, it’s uses and how similar tech is being used to sanitise drinking water in 3rd world countries.


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