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Hypochlorous Acid Products

With the ongoing global pandemic, the use of natural cleaning products and hypochlorous acid products has increased all over the world.

At Toucan Eco, you can find a range of strong and safe disinfectants for your home and office. Our powerful and non-toxic disinfectants are safe for everyday use and offer an impressive combination of safety and effectiveness.



Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) has successfully emerged as one of the most reliable and potent disinfectants. It prevents the spread of COVID-19 and is highly effective against viruses, bacteria and pathogens.
Read More Having access to strong disinfectant agents is crucial to maintaining a germ-free environment. Whether it’s a medical facility or business organisation, people need a potent disinfectant that eliminates bacteria and viruses. Our hypochlorous acid products are 100 times more effective than chlorine bleach. It helps you practice good hand hygiene and prevent the spread of germs in public spaces.


Want to buy hypochlorous acid? Our disinfectant sprats are highly effective at killing germs at a faster rate. With minimal side effects on the skin, the easy-to-use spray dries off quickly and is safe for your skin and eyes.

If you have children or pets in-home, we highly recommend using our hypochlorous acid spray in Australia. It offers a safe and cleaner way of eliminating germs from your space. If you have specific hard to clean spots and areas in your facility, our disinfectants are perfect for all your cleaning needs.

Discover versatile disinfecting solutions at Toucan Eco.