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Natural Disinfectant Spray

We at Toucan Eco are happy to present our range of natural disinfectants created to perform routine cleaning tasks. They can be used to thoroughly clean and disinfect spots and objects. If you are looking for a natural cleaning product to minimise the spread of infections, our wholesale eco cleaning products will be the perfect fit for you.

Using a natural disinfectant spray significantly reduce the risk of infections and diseases. You can use the spray to disinfect frequently touched surfaces including doorknobs, desks and switches. Whether it’s your office, home or private workplace, our disinfectant spray can kill 99.999% of germs and eliminate bad odours quickly.



At Toucan Eco, we offer an extended range of natural disinfectants for cleaning that can be used to clean, disinfect and sanitise.
Read More An eco multipurpose cleaner is an answer to all your problems when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting public spaces. Using our range of natural cleaners will help you get rid of germs and keep surfaces and walls spotlessly clean.

Want to keep your space germ free? It may seem like a labour-intensive and time-consuming task but when you use our eco-multipurpose cleaner, you can create a safe and healthy environment in a few minutes.

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